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Conviction. Community. Compassion.

Santa Barbara Community Church is a non-denominational church located in Santa Barbara, California. Their mission is to be a community of believers looking upward to God, growing inward in Christ and moving outward by the Spirit for the glory of God.

Using their rich history + values, we created a full brand identity including brand development, strategy, a logo system, collateral + a new website.

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Situation + Strategy

Executive Pastor Karen McLean reached out to Purveyor House to make SB Community’s desire for brand consistency a reality.

For the first 30+ years of their existence, the church’s language, logos + look lacked cohesion.

The value + practice of community is a huge part of who they are and how they operate, so it was important to craft the brand, strategy + graphics to communicate that in a simple + thoughtful way.

Their team also wanted to ensure their brand reflected a simple, modern + relaxed tone in every aspect a congregation member or visitor would see.


Plan + Implementation

Brand Discovery + Strategy

We gave the SB Community branding team, staff + elders homework that allowed us to hear what they value, their core beliefs + what they think their organization does well. At the same time, we dove into the current state of their brand, looking at white paper, outward facing communications + visuals. We found that, while they do an amazing job living what they believe + value, they weren't able to deliver their brand publicly it in a consistent way with the impact it deserved.

Through this process, we gained an understanding of where the focus needed to be for communication + visuals and how to make community the cornerstone of our strategy.


Brand Identity + Design

Using our exhaustive brand strategy, we moved on to define the visual direction.

We started with mood boards (above), showcasing the imagery we would need to capture, and created a diverse logo + color system with the flexibility to encompass varying ministries + visual applications while allowing for future growth.

We also wanted to take into account the way their organization values + lives in community as a church body and also in the greater Santa Barbara area. We created a color palette based on the vibe of the church culture and the natural beauty that surrounds them.

As strategists, we saw an opportunity to use color to communicate that SB Community is a relaxed + authentic environment without being too trendy. We decided to build the brand around the word “community” and a mid-blue color, weaving in a broader, more complementary color palette to invite in life + variety across multiple applications.

We took the same approach with their logo system. We created a dominate logo with a complimentary simplified version as well as an icon + ministry badges using the historic acronym for their name, “SBCC”.

In our work together, we also extended their identity onto their new website + collateral materials to ensure the brand was consistently represented across the board.


SB Community previously used their website primarily as a way to communicate with members and provide weekly materials such as announcements + sermons. We wanted to extend that offering and make their website a place visitors could get important information and a sense of SB Community’s spirit through the copy + visuals.

In partnership with Alan Brozovich of Metal Bird, we developed their existing Wordpress site integrated with X Theme to achieve the look + user experience SB Community was after, and we featured photography captured by Lex & Ev.


We knew using only stock photos just wouldn’t do. Many church-type stock photos are borderline cliché + heavily overused. This brand’s authenticity and emphasis on living + growing in community deserves imagery that is beautiful and represents who they really are. In partnership with Lex & Ev, we facilitated an all-day church + Santa Barbara photoshoot to capture the spirit of SB Community. The photography captured can be seen on SB Community’s website + collateral. We used these images in designing all of the materials needed to build a consistent brand.

Results + Transformation

It was an honor + joy to work with SB Community in developing their brand. From the time we were brought on board with SB Community, we’ve felt like part of their team as we’ve been able to articulate + apply their vision.

We started with a brand that lacked outward identity + consistency, and we ended with a brand, a website + collateral that is built around a cohesive strategy + beautiful visuals so they can keep looking like themselves for the next 30+ years of church life.


Santa Barbara Community Church

1002 Ceineguitas Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

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Glentzer Group



Brand Development


Content Creation

Bakersfield Real Estate, Refined

Glentzer Group is a real estate partnership based in Bakersfield, California between agents Katy Glentzer + John Glentzer.

Katy + John have a combined 20 years of real estate experience, and they both have expertise in premium real estate properties and impressive sales portfolios. To celebrate their decades-long partnership, Katy + John wanted to give their business a refresh that would bring their personalities to the forefront + carry them into the next decade of their work.

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Situation + Strategy

Katy + John wanted a brand that would capture their personalities and their love for + commitment to their clients + community, and it needed to be a visual attention-getter. 

In Bakersfield, the realtor profession is saturated, so it’s important to be unique + bring something solid to the table. For Katy and John, their personalities make all the difference. 

We partnered with OSS Analytics for this project, delivering a full rebranding package based on marketing research to drive Glentzer Group forward and set it apart in its industry.


Plan + Implementation

Market Research

To kick off this project, OSS Analytics gathered, analyzed + interpreted marketing research to guide the process.

Brand Discovery + Strategy

Before Purveyor House typed one brand word or pulled one color for a moodboard, we met with Katy and John to get to know their specific business + customers. We continued our brand discovery by conducting our own research, talking to past + current clients and checking out the competition + target markets. We wanted to develop a genuine relationship Katy + John, learning what they do best + what makes them tick, and then drill down to the core of how people currently see them and how we want people to see them moving forward.

We paired our research with OSS’s marketing research to create a full brand strategy built on Glentzer Group’s love of Bakersfield and unmatched ability to develop relationships with their clients + make record-setting deals.

Their full strategy included their brand vision, brand values + words and brand story. We also created a moodboard, focusing on warm tones and incorporating modern + vintage while adding elements to highlight who John + Katy are as individuals.

Building on the strategy, we developed a tagline that clearly defines the service Katy + John provide and how + where they do it.

For color palette + logo design, we expanded on the moodboard and created something that was warm, appealing across genders + impactful while maintaining a level of fun. The logo is a simple mark designed with strong fonts that have fun twist. The colors infuse life into the brand and have a distinct vintage vibe.

We carried the brand design into new collateral + packaging designs, and we updated their social media accounts to reflect the new Glentzer Group in both visuals + information. We also partnered with Lex & Ev to capture Katy + John's personalities through new headshots + content photos.

Content Marketing Plan

To help Glentzer Group reach future goals, we created a custom marketing + brand development plan based on their brand strategy. This plan takes stock of their current position and lays out the specific strategies, guardrails + activities to help them in their success.

Website Design

The final piece of work, done alongside OSS, was to create a new website to reflect Glentzer Group’s full rebrand.

Our friends at OSS provided SEO audit/repair, SEO copywriting, a great FAQ page and DX/MLS integration based on their marketing research. They provided services to increase the visibility, optimization + long-term health of the Glentzer Group website from both client + search engine perspectives.

Purveyor House crafted + launched the website, designed all graphics, curated photography to match the brand and provided copywriting for bios + the Glentzer Group story.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 4.26.06 PM.png

Results + Transformation

The Glentzer Group website now showcases their services and provides a platform for Katy + John to share their story in a straightforward way. The website uses our strategy, imagery + optimization to create a meaningful + visually pleasing experience for clients of Glentzer Group.



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From the very first meeting, Shannon was listening to us, taking notes and observing us and our surroundings to capture who we are. She encouraged us to be ourselves and authentic in our advertising and branding. After many hours of work, she came back with our new branding that completely captured each of us individually and as a Real Estate group. We were so excited to reveal our new branding because it was so true to who we are personally and in business. It was a simple coming home to ourselves. We highly recommend Purveyor House!
— Katy Glentzer, Glentzer Group




Brand Identity

Logo Design

Website Design

More than a Number

Stewards is an advocacy nonprofit and representative payee agency that helps and resources the most vulnerable in our community to prevent homelessness.

We revived their look + feel with a new branding campaign, point of view, website + brand communication plan.  

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Situation + Strategy

Stewards, Inc. reached out to Purveyor House to rebrand + reframe the conversation around what they do. They are often asked, "So, what does Stewards, Inc. do?" They wanted to tell their story visually while elevating the perception of their services. 

Our objective was to craft a message behind Stewards, Inc., telling about their services in a way that is easy to understand and navigate while using design to illustrate + support what they do.

When we started, their logo was a dated bright orange cross emblem. While they wanted to retain the organization’s faith-rooted mission + history, they were open to a more current + modern look.

Plan + Implementation

We started with a deep dive into the current state of their communication. We found that, while they do an amazing job at doing the work, they weren't able to articulate it with the impact it deserved. 

We met with their team to hear about their daily interactions and the ways they give back to the community. We were left with an understanding of this organization + the stories we wanted to tell.

One of the first things we did was look into their name—Stewards, Inc. They wanted to become more approachable, so we recommended that they drop the "Inc" and own the name Stewards. Because being a good steward is central to who they are as an organization, it made sense to focus on that word. 

We also wanted to take into account the way their organization helps the community + use design to help in other ways many may not think of. Their previous logo had a vibrant and powerful orange color. At first look, it may be OK to keep that color, but, as we visited their operations, we realized that that color could be a bit disruptive. Stewards employees work with and at times need to help calm down clientele that walk into their offices. Using such a powerful color could create unease. As strategists, we saw an opportunity to use color to communicate that Stewards is a calm and trustworthy environment. We decided to build the brand around a soft blue color + weave in elements of a softer orange to nod back to their previous aesthetic.  

We landed on a design strategy that harkened back to their history while making room for future growth. Years ago, they were referred to as the Bridge Builders, so we chose a bridge icon to feature in their badge logo design. We also wanted to call out their longevity + long-standing impact in the community by using a tagline of "serving since 1995" within their badge design.


Results + Transformation

To tell their story properly, we outlined what we saw, heard + observed from our meeting with the Stewards team. Their website is oftentimes the first place people go to learn more about the organization, so we knew it should be easy to navigate and have critical information easily organized. By understanding who their target market is, we could predict what information people would need and make it readily available. We also wanted the website to function well for those wishing to learn about the organization in order to donate to their mission. 

Our work with Stewards included a full website redesign using their existing platform on Wix, a tool that, when used properly, can truly be customizable + on-brand. We wanted whatever we did to be updatable + customizable for the team at Stewards, so we built our deliverables around their needs.

We are honored to be the creative partner of Stewards.



2211 H Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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