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Craft Vodka Cocktails

Voktail is a startup concept with the goal of creating a lifestyle brand in quality vodka cocktails.  Voktail’s founders reached out to us to help them build a brand foundation + identity that they can use as their ideas, products + services grow.

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Plan + Implementation

Voktail’s discovery process showed us that this brand concept, while loosely formed, has a strong sense of values, high standards + a lot of opportunities. We knew we could pair their values + our research to form a solid brand foundation they could grow with.

Our market research reported the vodka market is in a slow decline + is oversaturated. The cocktail creator market is also heavily saturated, and it’s hard to stand out. Our research also indicated that the most successful brands are ditching the flavors, moving back to their roots + creating pure products. Consumers of gin + vodka projects want a product that carries a retro vibe with a modern twist.

Responses from our online focus group were in line with our outside market research and showed that Millenials + older Gen Z working professionals are largely interested in craft cocktails. They value mid-to top-shelf spirits, quality cocktails + product branding, and they are willing to pay more for a drink if the spirit + mixer are both top notch.  

They want quality they can taste + see, a compelling story behind the product and damn fine branding + packaging. This group also wants drinks that are more “pure”.  Because this is Voktail’s target market, we knew their brand needed to offer something of quality that is unique in taste + presentation.

Voktail is a special case because they are working with an idea and don’t yet have an actual product. We took the opportunity to brainstorm + find opportunities we could write into the brand strategy. We created a business development chart for the founders, and they landed on implementing our idea of hosting pop-up bars at events + restaurants as they grow their brand + expand offerings in a strategic way.

Brand Identity + Design

In the discovery process, we found the Voktail owners wanted to have a nostalgic, retro vibe. This was great because the market research indicated this was desirable for their target audience. We crafted three visual identities + some mockups so they could help us decide which direction the brand should take. Inspiration from Donald Draper and retro/mid-century design really made the moodboards fun.

We landed on a mix of quirky mid-century illustrations of drinks + heavy red tones, evoking an old Hollywood vibe while bringing in scripts + graphics that make it a bit more modern. Using images with fresh fruits + drinks, we also saw how the style could come to life when photo shoots are being planned.

The visual brand identity + logo system we created for Voktail lends itself to consistent + powerful application across all branded items from recipe cards to packaging to all online platforms.


Results + Transformation

What began as an idea developed into a service offering built on a cohesive strategy with compelling messaging + a visual identity. We helped position Voktail as craft vodka cocktail lifestyle brand built on quality + class with a hint of an indulgent side. Now, who wants a drink?

We started out needing to establish a brand and a logo that gave our idea an identity, but we just felt lost and did not not where to make our next move. Other companies we asked simply wanted to just email us a logo and be done.

Purveyor House talked us through what we had as an idea for our company, what worked for the industry we were in, and also how to connect with our target audience through imagery and branding.
— Oliver + GeorgeAnn



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