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Brand Strategy

Brand Identity + Logo System


Website Design

Premium + personalized co-housing for the adventurous soul.

Sharing Spaces is a co-housing matching service based in Bakersfield, California that provides screening, matching + facilitation between people to find the perfect fit for housing options.

For this new company, we created a full brand identity including brand development, strategy, a logo system, collateral + website.

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Situation + Strategy

We were brought in before plans were finalized, so we were able to help research, strategize + build this brand in all aspects of the start up process.

Once we understood the need + complexity of what Sharing Spaces would need, we wanted to be sure that we were targeting the correct group. Our first step was to put together a focus group.

In the group, we were able to navigate through perceptions of the new-to-California concept of co-housing. In the focus group, the Sharing Spaces team gained insight into a new target market and solidified the need + potential for this venture in its founding city.

Plan + Implementation

Brand Discovery + Strategy

Using branding homework, the plans + dreams of the Sharing Spaces team and market research + findings from the Purveyor House-led focus group, we had a clear picture of how to build out this brand in a fun way that encapsulated their competency.

Throughout our process, we steered the strategy to focus on trust, camaraderie, adventure + a straightforward process that reassures the Sharing Spaces clients.  Whether clients are looking to rent their house or are looking for a roommate, we knew that they need to encounter a brand that they can trust. The brand needed to communicate that Sharing Spaces has thought of everything for them in their co-housing search.

Brand Identity + Design

Visually, we created an identity system that was simple + bold. We strategically chose strong colors and applied them in a way that suggests warmth + approachability.

For their icon, we wanted to use a simple graphic with subtle embellishments to show connection leading toward home.

We chose bright, lively photography to highlight the community + adventure this brand seeks to develop with its clients.



Because Sharing Spaces is a new brand with a nuanced offering, it was important to show off their brand while using it as an opportunity to share their dream, build trust + walk clients through their process in an easy to understand way.

In the future, this website will feature a portal for easy sign ups + connection to potential share-ers.


Results + Transformation

It was an honor + joy to work with Sharing Spaces from the beginning parts of this project. Their tenacity to bring this service to life, amidst twists and turns is truly admirable. Sharing Spaces launches in 2019. What was once an idea + dream now has a solid brand strategy, visual identity + plan to launch it into its future.


Sharing Spaces

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