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Premier Agriculture + Water Solutions

Laurel Ag is focused on precision water solutions + agriculture products. They aim to revolutionize the industry through innovation and a customer-centric mindset to help farmers, investors + management companies reach their goals. What once were separate efforts are now a combined group on the same long-term mission to provide growers with the right tools to do what they do best: cultivate the land in a sustainable, profitable + responsible way.

We set out to define their brand, name, look + feel with a new, comprehensive brand identity point of view, website splash page + brand communication plan.  

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Situation + Strategy

Laurel Ag is the culmination of Arable Capital Partners’ acquisition of several like-minded businesses located in the Central Valley of California. As with any acquisition, it is key to bring together the vision leaders and those involved within the businesses to set plans for the future + how the collaboration will run.

We were brought in before acquisitions were finalized, and we worked with the team to identify just what was happening and what internal communication + buy-in would be required to build this new home for these businesses.

To start, we needed to get to the core of why these businesses were attractive enough for Arable to acquire them. Was it their service? Their knowledge base? It was all that and so much more.

From there, we set forth a plan to learn about each entity and build a brand that captured the essence, drive + innovation they all shared.

Plan + Implementation

Brand Name Research + Development

As we started learning more about the individual businesses that would make up Laurel, something special rose to the surface—the desire to make each and every customer proud + profitable.

We used this concept to hone in our brand name development. We wanted success, heritage and collaboration to be the key descriptors for this new operation and found that the word “Laurel” embodied that. It is a visual symbol of success historically used to crown victors. It has a simple + familial feel. Both the name and the corresponding symbol helped solidify the brand identity.

The Laurel Ag name is derived from the interlocking leaves of the laurel crown, which illustrates our drive for a collaborative relationship with our customers, leading to the ultimate goal of celebrating our customers’ successes.

Brand Design

To help bring the laurel wreath idea home, we developed an aesthetic, color story + identity system to give Laurel an ownable brand + logo. We chose greens with blue undertones to illustrate the service Laurel provides—water + agriculture solutions.

Along with the logo design, we brought the brand to life through extensive collateral design work, from business cards to letterhead files to tradeshow graphics to merchandise options.

Presentation Deck Design 

The brand design was then shown to important stakeholders + investors through a comprehensive presentation deck. We worked with the business leaders to develop their brand story, the reason behind the brand name, graphics to illustrate their business model + a viewer-friendly outline to share.

Press Release Copywriting

Part of Arable’s process is to share exciting events with the press, and the formation of Laurel was no exception. Along with their team, we helped capture the essence of Laurel and its service + purpose in a concise and informative press release. As they continue to acquire and develop, we are excited to help them write and share this exciting news.

Results + Transformation

From where we started to where Laurel is today, the transformation is huge. The acquisition is now formalized through a new identity—one that each of the individual businesses feels connected with and can own as they hand out their new business cards.

We are proud to have helped Laurel shape those broad ideas and form them into a brand with a story, purpose + drive to succeed.

We are honored to be the creative partner to Laurel.



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Brandwell Workshops




Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Brandwell is a game-changing brand workshop for you and your business.

Late one afternoon in 2017, a few of us gathered to discuss the state of branding in Bakersfield. Unfortunately, the state was sad—void of a voice and lacking a social media presence.

We decided together that it wasn’t ok to go into 2018 this way, so we developed a workshop to help small businesses brand themselves, clean up their image and leverage social media to move their businesses forward in a sustainable way.

Alongside Oleander + Palm and our favorite photographers, Lex & Ev and Rubi Z Photo, we brought Brandwell Workshops to life in a city that never really talked about branding before.

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Situation + Strategy

We found that businesses in our city didn’t understand the importance of branding themselves or what branding even means. Throw up a graphic, open doors, post on social media every once in a while—that’ll do it!

Through Brandwell Workshops, we wanted to share that to have a brand, you need to build it with a strategic base that all decisions run through.

We felt that the best way to share our insight would be to start a social media presence that would inspire + teach while showing a well branded execution. We also offered in-person opportunities to develop these skills.

Plan + Implementation

To get started, community came first. We wanted to share our passion, insight + latest tips in an easy-to-engage way. We set up Brandwell Meet Ups where we focused on brand-related activities like taking photos on an iPhone or how to plan content calendars for social media. We also set up times to bring in experts that all business owners need in their back pockets, including professionals from fields like insurance, accounting + law.

Our first workshop was in January 2018. Attendees represented business from several industries, including weddings, real estate, interior design, photography, nutrition + coaching. Our May 2018 workshop featured much the same but added in some local flavor with a group of talented musicians. Read more about the Brandwell Alumni here.

Our philosophy + structure was drilled down to eight components, spread into two days of intense workshop time.


    • Develop and refine your brand through brand words, focused messaging, point of view + story


    • Capture your ideal aesthetic based on your brand strategy through moodboards + color.


    • Create or refine the first impression customers get from your business—your logo, your brand colors + your visual point of view.


    • What's your brands style? Learn how to find style while on the go that represents your brand aesthetic. Learn what props, colors + vibes meld best with your brand.


    • Have a branded photoshoot to capture your newly refined brand through the use of expert stylists + photographers.

    • Learn how to take and edit stunning photos on your own, in a simple way that fits into your busy life.


    • Create a plan for your content + brand building activities so you can get back to the actual work!


    • Create a plan of action to implement + announce your brand through social media, your website + traditional personal marketing.


    • Take your business to the next level and learn tactics for business growth, scaling + collaboration. Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs for camaraderie + support!

Results + Transformation

To those that attended + implemented the principles, design, style + strategy, the change is magnificent. We are honored that so many have joined with Brandwell to make their brands a way to share their story + vision in a clear way.

A bit about us was featured in the Bakersfield Californian. Read it here.

I really learned the importance of putting “me” into my company. Brandwell has given me a whole new list of things I can work on to make sure that my brand represents me and has a personality. It also helped me to narrow in on what was really important for me when running my business and gave me good boundaries to help me decide if something is on “brand” or not moving forward.

Operating this type of workshop in Bakersfield has been hard, though. Our city doesn’t speak the brand language yet, and the budding entrepreneur is still finding its safe haven here.

We are hopeful that Brandwell will expand in the future to other cities, online courses, community-building + even more workshops in our hometown.



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