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More than a Number

Stewards is an advocacy nonprofit and representative payee agency that helps and resources the most vulnerable in our community to prevent homelessness.

We revived their look + feel with a new branding campaign, point of view, website + brand communication plan.  

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Situation + Strategy

Stewards, Inc. reached out to Purveyor House to rebrand + reframe the conversation around what they do. They are often asked, "So, what does Stewards, Inc. do?" They wanted to tell their story visually while elevating the perception of their services. 

Our objective was to craft a message behind Stewards, Inc., telling about their services in a way that is easy to understand and navigate while using design to illustrate + support what they do.

When we started, their logo was a dated bright orange cross emblem. While they wanted to retain the organization’s faith-rooted mission + history, they were open to a more current + modern look.

Plan + Implementation

We started with a deep dive into the current state of their communication. We found that, while they do an amazing job at doing the work, they weren't able to articulate it with the impact it deserved. 

We met with their team to hear about their daily interactions and the ways they give back to the community. We were left with an understanding of this organization + the stories we wanted to tell.

One of the first things we did was look into their name—Stewards, Inc. They wanted to become more approachable, so we recommended that they drop the "Inc" and own the name Stewards. Because being a good steward is central to who they are as an organization, it made sense to focus on that word. 

We also wanted to take into account the way their organization helps the community + use design to help in other ways many may not think of. Their previous logo had a vibrant and powerful orange color. At first look, it may be OK to keep that color, but, as we visited their operations, we realized that that color could be a bit disruptive. Stewards employees work with and at times need to help calm down clientele that walk into their offices. Using such a powerful color could create unease. As strategists, we saw an opportunity to use color to communicate that Stewards is a calm and trustworthy environment. We decided to build the brand around a soft blue color + weave in elements of a softer orange to nod back to their previous aesthetic.  

We landed on a design strategy that harkened back to their history while making room for future growth. Years ago, they were referred to as the Bridge Builders, so we chose a bridge icon to feature in their badge logo design. We also wanted to call out their longevity + long-standing impact in the community by using a tagline of "serving since 1995" within their badge design.


Results + Transformation

To tell their story properly, we outlined what we saw, heard + observed from our meeting with the Stewards team. Their website is oftentimes the first place people go to learn more about the organization, so we knew it should be easy to navigate and have critical information easily organized. By understanding who their target market is, we could predict what information people would need and make it readily available. We also wanted the website to function well for those wishing to learn about the organization in order to donate to their mission. 

Our work with Stewards included a full website redesign using their existing platform on Wix, a tool that, when used properly, can truly be customizable + on-brand. We wanted whatever we did to be updatable + customizable for the team at Stewards, so we built our deliverables around their needs.

We are honored to be the creative partner of Stewards.



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