Real Estate Supply Co.

SERVICES: brand identity + logo system • branded collateral + social media graphics


Real Estate Supply Co. (RESCO) is a real estate education platform that guides people through the process of buying and/or selling their own home. They offer real estate expertise + supply the tools so people can do it themselves.

Plan + Implementation

Real Estate Supply Co. needed a fresh look to accompany their new business venture — guiding people in buying and/or selling their own homes.


In our design, we largely drew on the personalities of RESCO’s founders + the work they are setting out to accomplish in the market. We needed a visual identity that was bold, fun + inviting. 

Brand Identity + Logo System

We got to work with a moodboard featuring striking color combinations + strong fonts. By experimenting with fun color + avoiding the popular monochromatic look, we were able to bring this brand to life. 

Our inspiration was a lively Miami vibe, and we kept the colors streamlined + complimentary. At the same time, we didn’t hold back on the color pops — no neutrals here!  

The brand goes by its long-from name, “Real Estate Supply Co.,” + its nickname, “RESCO.” We knew we needed to create a logo system that allowed for versatility between both names while keeping the look + application consistent.

We also experimented with a set of icons + badges for the brand + created variations they can use across their social media platforms + downloadable online resources.


Results + Transformation

Working with Real Estate Supply Co. was pretty rad for our team. As RESCO’s founders set out on a revolutionary + exciting new business venture in DIY real estate, they are now equipped with a visually compelling, fun + bold brand identity to match their passion + attract eyes to the market they are working hard to serve.


Real Estate Supply Co.


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