Pacific Ag Management

SERVICES: Brand Strategy • Updated Brand Identity • Custom Wordpress Website


Pacific Ag Management Inc. (Pac Ag) is a full-service, in-house farm management operation with a long-standing heritage of stewarding the land from seed to harvest.

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Plan + Implementation

Previous Website Homepage

Previous Website Homepage

The leadership of Pac Ag reached out to Purveyor House for help communicating their wide offerings to customers. They also needed a new website.

After reviewing materials + meeting with the Pac Ag team, Purveyor House determined that the Pac Ag brand needed strategic brand clarity, positioning + visuals to effectively communicate their value and connect with their customers.

Brand Discovery + Strategy

In our strategy process, it became apparent that the brand was not customer-facing. It can be difficult for businesses to truly see themselves from the customer’s perspective, so it’s challenging for them to communicate how they can help.  We also saw an opportunity to develop Pac Ag’s history as a third-generation operation. The heritage + legacy this company has created speaks volumes to their experience, leadership + expertise, but it was not fully articulated. 

In repositioning the brand to focus on the customers needs, we were able to create a cohesive story that practically communicates what the company does + their rich legacy while building a trusting relationship with employees, current clients + potential clients.

With our discovery, we also wanted to ensure that the website would grow with the needs of the business in the future. Pac Ag’s future goals included creating a customer-facing portal, developing employee communication hubs and further integrating with their operations. Knowing this, we wanted to build a website that would sustain that growth and not need a complete overhaul when those pieces were ready to be implemented.

Creative Direction + Wireframe Design

Creatively, we built out moodboards to share the heritage, service + experience Pac Ag brings to the table. They wanted to keep their existing logo, so we used the colors of that logo to build the color palette + create consistency across the board.

The design of the website features blocks of photos that showcase the variety of crops + people involved in their process. We created a dynamic list of services on the front page to capture the interest of the user.

We also felt that they might consider rebranding in the future, so we created a logo that was a bit more unique to them and put that in the footer. It works with the overall look + feel, but it has a different take — maybe one day they’ll move in that direction!



The previous Pac Ag site was outdated, did not convey their services or story + did not consider the end user. 

We created a website where clients can get important information and a sense of Pac Ag’s value to them through copy paired with strong visuals.

In partnership with Jaress Loo of pearGate, and featuring photography captured by ResCo,  we developed a custom Wordpress site to display their updated cohesive brand identity, highlight their services and, most importantly, serve their customers through user experience + meaningful content.


Results + Transformation

In our work with Pac Ag, Purveyor House developed brand strategy, visuals + a website in an authentic + consistent way to create clarity + connection within the Pac Ag brand. 


Pacific Ag Management Inc.

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