Edible Schoolyard Kern County

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An Edible Education for Kern County.

Edible Schoolyard Kern County is a group of educators + cooks proudly serving children + the community in their discovery + development of a healthy relationship with the food they eat every day. The Edible Schoolyard Kern County team works with kids to create healthy lifelong habits through hands-on edible education in the classroom, garden + kitchen.

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Situation + Strategy

Edible Schoolyard Kern Country reached out to Purveyor House to help with their marketing efforts around some of their big annual events.

After meeting to see how Purveyor House could help, it was clear that to really make an impact, the whole Edible Schoolyard Kern County brand deserved some attention to clarify its message + could benefit from updated, consistent visuals.


Plan + Implementation

Brand Discovery + Strategy

To kick things off, we met with the Edible Schoolyard team to listen to what they value, what their day-to-day looks like + what drives them in their passion to provide kids + the community with an edible education. We also tapped into the 20+ year Edible Schoolyard movement, dove deep into the white paper documents of Edible Schoolyard Kern County + did some market research.

In this process, it became apparent that this brand is offering an amazing service to the community and is solving real problems surrounding food education. They have a robust passion, and they deliver in their mission. However, they weren't able to  share their story + deliver their brand publicly it in a consistent way with the impact it deserved.

A major component of our strategy was to create guardrails for this brand in a fun + practical way that draws from their existing brand pillars, rotating seasons (fall, winter, spring + summer) + their process at their flagship garden + kitchen (grow, cook, eat + enjoy).

Our brand has so many working parts. It was hard to explain ourselves to customers + partners due to rapid growth of our organization. Purveyor House helped us take a deep dive into who we are, why we are here + how we fit into our amazing community. They are generally interested in the work we do at the Edible Schooolyard, worked hard to understand who we are + now represent us in our marketing world. We came up with clarified brand messaging. This helped our staff immensely — we are now on the same page about who we are + can better explain our mission to the outside world.
— Kelly A, Program Director

Brand Identity + Design

We set the stage for their visual + creative direction by creating moodboards + assets that pulled straight from the brand strategy. We seized the opportunity to use color to communicate seasons + food found in the garden.  It was also important we captured the spirit of Edible Schoolyard Kern County in a way that could be playful + vibrant but also provide an elevated look for upscale events.

From this foundation, we were able to create a really fun system where all elements, fonts + aesthetics are consistent across all dimensions yet unique for each application.

Before working with Purveyor House, we had many different looks for events, social media + PR materials. We now have a cohesive strategy that implements our new cohesive look — a look that people are recognizing as “us.” We are streamlining our best practices around what information we need + how we will promote it, and the best part is that we have templates made for quick, easy use, that customers will recognize
— Kelly A, Program Director

Marketing + Content Creation

Using the brand strategy + updated creative identity we created, we are also working extensively with Edible Schoolyard Kern County to streamline their marketing efforts as we lead the creation + promotion of their events, ensuring that they are always on-brand + promoted in a strategic + timely fashion.

Each month, we coordinate with the Edible Schoolyard team, write content, take photos + design graphics as we manage + grow Edible Schoolyard Kern County’s social media presence + develop their brand into an online community.

Now that we have hired this amazing team, we are much more organized. We have timelines + action plans in place... this means less stress! I trust the PH team. I know they will always deliver on time, that it will be professional + that it will be up to our ESY standards + looks.
— Kelly A, Program Director

Results + Transformation

It is a blast to work with Edible Schoolyard Kern County as the continue their amazing work in their community to ensure kids + adults have fun with healthy food through edible education.

Purveyor House is ongoing partners with Edible Schoolyard Kern County to develop their dreams + ideas while providing creative marketing management, content creation, consultation + collaboration to ensure their brand is going in the right direction.

We have different people from around the COUNTRY contacting us to talk about the Edible Schoolyard Kern County. They are interested to see how they can start their own garden + kitchen classroom in their community. As an organization, we are more recognizable, and the news of our work is spreading + changing lives!
— Kelly A, Program Director


Edible Schoolyard Kern County

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