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SERVICES: Brand Strategy • Brand Identity + Logo System • Collateral + Trade Show Material • Website Design

Specialized Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

Cochran Mechanical is a locally-owned industrial refrigeration contractor proudly based in Kern County, CA.

Drawing from their decades of knowledge + experience as well as their strong values, we created a full brand identity including brand development, strategy, a logo system, collateral + a new website.

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Situation + Strategy

Cochran Mechanical has a 40+ year legacy and is highly reputable in the refrigeration industry, but, despite their solid reputation, their overall brand identity was underdeveloped, outdated + inconsistently applied.

The goal of this project was to develop a refreshed message + new look for Cochran Mechanical that would match their reputation, display their value to their customers and carry them into the next 40+ years of business.


Plan + Implementation

Brand Discovery + Strategy

Through our strategy + focus group with the Cochran Mechanical team, we found that they are a company with wonderful core values, they operate with the highest level of integrity + they are highly skilled experts. However, there was a lot of inconsistency in how they spoke about themselves, even down to using different versions of their name, and they were not adequately representing all they could do.

What they all felt was that they wanted to take their business to the next level and deliver + speak about their brand publicly it in a consistent way with the impact it deserved.

In our time together, we gained an understanding of who they were + brought them back to basics while leveraging their expertise, values + reputation.

Brand Identity + Design

We saw an opportunity with this brand to bring in obvious nods to the industry while roping in a cool retro vibe. We wanted to steer clear of the harsh colors + cheesy cliché visuals that tend to dominate their industry. For moodboards, we wanted to creatively bring in true-to-industry imagery + provide an updated cool to warm blue. We developed a color system that evokes trust + the literal feeling of being cold.

From our earlier strategy sessions, we landed on their brand name being “Cochran Mechanical” with the family name “Cochran” as the hero. We implemented this within their logo system, and this move allowed the Cochran team to drop all of their other name versions and work toward being called what they actually want to be called.

We created a dominate logo with complimentary simplified wordmarks, and we developed badges for flexibility + diverse applications across their marketing materials while still maintaining consistency.

In our work together, we also extended their identity onto their new website, collateral + trade show materials to ensure the brand was consistently represented everywhere Cochran Mechanical showed up.


The previous Cochran Mechanical website was primarily used as a way to get in touch with their office. By implementing our brand strategy + visual identity on their new website, we created a place where customers can get a sense of who Cochran Mechanical is through copy + visuals. Their new website communicates their expertise + what they offer, creating a seamless brand experience for the end-user.

Results + Transformation

What started as a brand that was outdated and lacked consistency, overall messaging + visual development ended as a brand that is now built on a cohesive strategy that represents the spirit, values + professionalism of Cochran Mechanical in words + visuals.


Cochran Mechanical

7749 Di Miller Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93307

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