17th Place Townhomes

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Modern Downtown Bakersfield Living

17th Place Townhomes is a modern 44-unit development in Downtown Bakersfield. When the plans were announced, many people were skeptical given 17th Place’s misunderstood downtown location + price. Sage Equities, the property’s developers + managers, reached out to us to craft a marketing campaign that would pique interest, generate leads + create community and long-standing engagement, helping them lease out units as quickly as possible. 

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Situation + Strategy

Sage Equities, developers and managers of the townhomes, needed to get the word out and drive leases as quickly as possible. They looked to us to define their target markets and build photo + video content that spoke directly to them. Our plan also included building an online community to share a positive message about Downtown Bakersfield while promoting the townhomes.

In our target market work, we defined 4 sets of individuals that the townhomes would be perfect for. We chose the one that indexed highest, crafting a campaign geared toward the thirty-something crowd—they are well educated, have great jobs + have lived in other urban environments before coming to Bakersfield.

Our goal is to give our clients a fresh perspective and do the unexpected. We could have built a campaign that was realty-driven, simple and straightforward, but we knew that wouldn’t do this client + the product justice. We were inspired by campaigns in other industries + how they focused on ideal lifestyle goals, story telling + Pinterest-worthy styling—all things that our target market would be attracted to.

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Plan + Implementation

Purveyor House provided creative direction + project management, overseeing a grand team of artists for a video promotion shoot that showcased a day in the life of a17th Place resident. During this video shoot, we also captured photography to lay the foundation of the branded campaign across all of their social media channels + website.

In building the 17th Place brand, we set the the tone + messaging to highlight the unique features of the townhomes while sharing the inspiring lifestyle of residents. Our messaging centered around "Modern Downtown Bakersfield Living" and the story of why the developers decided to bring this type of living to Bakersfield, and we focused on building community both within the townhomes and across Downtown as a whole.

Visually, we switched up the brand color to match the signature teal doors. Our goal was to create brand recognition and connection not only online but also as people driver or walk by. 

Results + Transformation

As ongoing partners, we also provide social media management for the townhomes, creating unique content and engaging with their community as it grows. We also produce a feature newsletter that highlights 17th Place residents, their stories and the good work they're doing in our beloved city.

In just six months of working with 17th Place Townhomes, we helped them fill all their open units—a full six months ahead of schedule.  Almost two years after the first resident moved in, 17th Place now has an ongoing waitlist.



1001 18th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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It’s a breath of fresh air to work with a marketing professional who understands what we are trying to accomplish and wants to help get us there.
— Austin Smith, Sage Equities & Developer of 17th Place Townhomes
Shannon was a pleasure to work with! She is driven and went above and beyond in providing marketing solutions which far exceeded my high expectations. She has a unique gift to understand high-level strategic marketing all the way down to the details of day-to-day project management, social media engagement and coordination with creatives. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough!
— Austin Smith, Sage Equities & Developer of 17th Place Townhomes