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How to Use the Holidays to Reinforce Your Brand, Even On Christmas

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The holidays are here and with it the temptation to post that really cute looking cartoon Santa wielding a “Ho Ho Ho” sign written in Comic Sans. Unless your brand is a clipart website or a preschool, avoid that Santa. The same is true for using really lame stock photos that don’t in any way represent you.

Keep your brand voice, mission, and visual atheistic in mind as you approach the holidays. It’s a great time to post well wishes, discounts, special events, etc., and like any post you create, holiday posts should be on point with your brand strategically and visually, if not even more so, because you most likely have more eyes looking your way.

If you typically communicate with gifs and jokes, go ahead slip puns into your holiday posts. If you normally have swirls, twirls, and clipart in your graphics, go crazy. But, if you don’t typically do that it’s best to keep your sentiments and graphics in line with how you normally speak and what you look like. Veering from who you are in any post makes you appear to be unorganized and inauthentic, and during the holidays it will be both of those plus what you are trying to communicate will not be memorable. Bottom line, be who you actually are.

I want to show you some examples of good and bad holiday posts. Let’s start with the rough ones:


For example, neither of these are great options for pretty much ANY brand but they absolutely do not represent Purveyor House. I’ll state the obvious first. One, besides the images being just bad, they do not capture our brand at all. The colors, types of graphics and lines, and fonts are NOT apart of our brand story. Two, the captions are not our standard tone of voice, there doesn’t seem to be any thoughtfulness in what was said, and there really isn’t any value to either of these examples. If we were to post these it would look like our account was hacked.

Another thing we want to address is the posts that we see ALL THE TIME with a big "CLOSED" sign. Think about it - when people see your Instagram feed after the holidays, they'll see these big signs that YELL at them and make them think "oh, are they closed for good?" Having even a thought close to that go through potential customers minds can breed distrust and confusion. Just don't do it! 

Now, some great examples of holiday posts:


Better, right? These posts show you can be authentic and relevant at the same time. Both of these examples thoroughly represent the overarching brand. The colors, the fonts, logo usage, quality photo and graphic selection, and genuine captions thoroughly represent these two brands.

Here’s how to stay on brand and be you this holiday season:

  1. Plan time for you. Schedule your posts. Take some time and look at your calendar. What is coming up and what do you want to say? Taking time to schedule will help you stay on brand and it will save you a lot of time in the long run. We like using and

  2. Look like you. Keep to your brand’s visual atheistic. Colors, fonts, logo, etc. Don’t go off the rails. Use your planning time to take and edit great photos or to source amazing stock photos. For editing we like VSCO and Snapseed. For stock photos is our go to.

  3. Talk like you. Don’t confuse your audience by sounding like a totally different brand. Use your normal writing style, tone of voice, and vocabulary.

  4. To sum up…..BE YOU because only you can be.

Peace, Ashlee

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