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Never Tell An Entrepreneur...


So, Purveyor House started back in early 2017 after taking a leap of faith out of corporate life. I dove right in, knowing that I had a solid start, a few amazing clients, a few *meh* ones and a whole lot of ideas.

Out of the gate I was introduced to quite a few people either through networking, mutual friends, or a follow on Instagram. We met over coffee, lunch, or a quick phone call. I had two meetings with seasoned entrepreneurs that really stuck with me, but for all the wrong reasons. 

Why, you ask? Because they said a similar phrase that irked me to my core. 

Let's back up one more time... I think I was ready to leave my job a few years ago, but I could not find any jobs in town that sounded like what I wanted to do. More than that, I was tired of being directed by unsupportive management and working for something I no longer believed in. From the outside looking in, a creative with a project manager's brain didn't have a place here. 

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I see that what I was missing was that I was looking to jump into something that another person already started and really didn't consider starting my own. That's all around here - keeping up with the Joneses, imitation and a general lack of inspiration and innovation. What I needed to do - and what I did - was create my own path. 

Ok, so back to the meetings. These two situations started off pretty casual and learning about each other. Maybe I came off naive, quiet, a bit tired or something else, but they both switched their tone from a peer into superior. They looked down on me. They knew better than I did. They were smarter. They were more advanced. I wasn't respected any longer.

Then they both said the same thing...  


You guys, this is the worst thing I've heard starting my business. Sure, there will be many lessons along the way, but why say something like that to someone that just took a huge step to build their dream? "You'll see?" Is that like an impending doom coming my way? Should I wear hardship, long hours and complaining about building my own thing as a badge of honor? Am I not capable, and you only are?

Nope - I choose to not wait for that impending moment, I'm already seeing things differently and using that as fuel to sharpen my vision even further.

I've seen how mentalities of maintaining status quo leave no room for innovation. I've seen how there's so much space to elevate the standard. I've seen how running a successful business already is making a dream come true. I've seen how my community has supported me and continues to blow my mind. 

Let's band together and support those that need encouragement as they're starting up. Let's not treat them as immature, unrealistic or young. Let's stand by them and offer our help and support. You'll see that with that type of mentality big things can happen not only for them but for you too.



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