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Personal Branding 101

Blissful Retreat, a salon and day spa here in Bakersfield, is in the middle of a brand + website launch with the Purveyor House team! We are diving deep to find out who they are and how to best tell their story, which is one of perseverance and passion. At any company, there are many people that work within its walls, and each of them needs to feel that any change in the company is one that feels right and resonates with them as well. We spent time with the team to share what business development is and what it means for them and how personal branding plays a part in that. 


What is a brand?

Many people think of branding as something that’s not something for them - it’s too corporate, it’s not for someone running a business solo - that couldn’t be further from the truth. Simply, a brand is the culmination of who you are, what you do and why it matters. It doesn’t matter if it’s under your name, a business name or even you within a broader business. If you have an audience, in real life or on social media, you have a brand.

So, what is your brand?

Who are you? What do you do?  What do you want to share with the world? Who could be interested in it? What do you represent? Asking yourself these questions can set a strategy for how you interact with your audience and frame your content to support what you do.

Who Cares?

Start attracting dream clients who gravitate to your passion, your style, and your point of view. Imagine your dream client and build them a personality. Who are THEY? What do they like? How do they like to be spoken to? What can you offer them that'd help them out, either from a business or personal perspective? Making a dream client have a real personality will help you figure out how to reach them and show them why they should care about what you're up to. 

Staying "On Brand"

These days, we are all connected. We love to share what we’re doing on social media. Being a brand, you have an expanded audience looking at you not only for your services but to find out more about you and how they can connect. Everything you share socially, in turn, represents the companies and brands you align yourself with and has an impact. The outcome - positive, neutral or negative, depends on if it’s aligned to their strategies. More than your tribe, your posting affects how people view you currently and who may find you in the future. This doesn’t mean that you have to not live your life authentically. It means taking more care to what you post. Think back to your brand - the fusion of who you are, what you do and what you want to represent. Before posting, think through those three things and ask yourself, “Is what I’m showing and saying true to my brand?” Taking a quick step back will allow you to find ways to build your brand while still remaining true to yourself.

Future Growth

Spending time to define your brand [who you are, what you do, and what you represent] not only helps you understand your point of view but can also show you places that need attention and development. At times, you can be faced with decisions to post one thing or another, or even make a huge shift in your business. Understanding your brand will help you stay true to your foundation and make choices that are true to you and the brand you’re building. It will feel real and right.

It’s a strategy and a plan to help take you to the next level. When you have a personal brand, you can have a broader voice that’s bigger than the sum of its parts - imagine what that could do if you wanted to promote something and you had an audience waiting for the chance to book?

Now what?

Dive into who you are and what you do, think about it - write it down. Start sharing your expertise. Share your story. Create unique, high-quality content that captures your ideal client’s eyes. When you have a solid platform, invest in design to bring your brand even more to life with a logo and unique aesthetic that accentuates it. Live your life, love your brand, and share both along the way.

What is your personal brand? I'd love to see what you are cooking up and how branding has helped you progress.