Purveyor House
strategic branding + creative design • bakersfield, ca


We're in this together.

So, Purveyor House huh?

For years I've had "Purveyor House" on the back burner. There was a blog once. There was a facebook page. There were a few posts. But mostly, it was another quick idea that was infused with big dreams yet no time to make it happen.

Fast forward to last year - Rivett came to mind and I thought it was IT. It's no secret that I've always wanted to do this thing - the own a business, help other businesses thing - heck I'm doing it right now. I've always had this need to BRAND it right. Rivett seemed like it was the missing piece and the best way to describe it all. 

The more I shared Rivett, I started to feel weird about it. It was good for a moment but I couldn't help but feel that it just wasn't ME. If I couldn't stand by the name or say it with confidence, then how would anyone get behind it? 

Not to mention, SOMEONE failed to do an extensive market research for the name and its use in other areas. I thought I looked enough, but nope, definitely didn't. 


That was the final straw. Through all of this, Purveyor House came back into play. I did some rebranding with the name for another idea. It was weird to dive back into it after 5 years but something about it was still resonating with me. The new branding brought a new vibe and freshness to it. 

What is PURVEYOR HOUSE? It's me. It's the talent in artists we partner with to make amazing creations and work for our clients. Purveyors of fresh ideas. Purveyors of classic design, innovative techniques. 

When it's right, it's right. Trust your gut, if something feels off, don't ignore it. Dive deeper and explore. To own anything and to get buy-in from potential clients and collaborators YOU have to be 110% behind what you're pitching. Anything less is a disservice to you, your brand and your future.