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4 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Business

As an entrepreneur, ideas are never far from us. This isn't a terrible thing, of course, but staying interested in the already launched or successful opportunities may not seem as "fun" as the one that's just off the horizon. At times, all it takes is some reflection and brainstorming to reignite the passion that brought you to where you are today. This process can not only do that, but also fuel the next big thing! 

Here are 4 ways I've used to help me reflect and breathe new life into my passions. Each of these points can be talked through in much bigger detail (we'll get to that eventually), but I wanted bite size chunks to help you along!


Tell whoever will listen the story of your business journey. Ask them to do only one thing - pay attention to your inflection and what makes you smile the most. Sometimes our stories seem so familiar to us that we gloss over the seemingly mundane, while THAT is what others need to hear and will in turn inspire you to charge after that. Reflect on those points that they called out and see where in your business you can share that story, because that's the one you need to share and it's the one that we all want to hear.


Take a few minutes and jot down a sticking point in your business that needs to be resolved within the next 6 months - the bigger the problem the better. The issue you write down may seem so massive that doing anything for it in one day seems too dramatic. Instead of thinking through all the things that go into solving it, break it down for what you can every week until it's solved.  It's such an easy piece of advice, but phasing out projects into more manageable chunks can make all the difference! Tackling something massive will energize you and inspire since you kicked it's ass! 


Sometimes, the best way to breathe new life into your business is to just take a look around. Oftentimes, switching things up visually can ignite a creative spark in you. So do it - look around - What inspires YOU? What do the things that surround you look like? find a fun way to incorporate these things into your next offering! Pull the colors and infuse them into your collateral. Have a certain style Point of View? Use it! There is inspiration hiding everywhere. 


This may sound harsh, but hear me out. Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do, but often the most rewarding. You can start small (see PHASE IT OUT) or go all in. Either way you go, be sure to take notes on what you're feeling, thinking and learning. These notes can help fuel the next step in business and breath a fresh perspective on whatever you're doing.