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You made it out of the year-end stretch, maybe barely, but you did it. High-fives all around.
The New Year is right around the corner. January promises a blank slate, the opportunity to set new goals and, make some improvements. Now is the time to do some actual planning to avoid being in the same crummy chaotic end-of-year cycle that makes you insane.
Let’s recap so you know the model going forward:
1. Step away. Get out of the chaos and clear the air with yourself for a minute and check-in with yourself daily.
2. Look for themes + capture patterns. Looking for themes and capturing patterns will increase your awareness and will help your brain turn the abstract into actionable steps.
3. Assess. What were your hits, misses, and opps.?
This week?
4. Plan!
Take some time and walk through your December. You just lived it, so think about it while it is fresh. Look at what you wrote down every week on the freebies we gave you, especially last week’s. Use your hits, misses, and opps. to work on a plan for January and keep going from there until you tease out an overarching plan for your year. Dreaming of a goal or opportunity is great, but what really matters is creating a plan to get you there.
What was freaking awesome last year and how can you keep doing that? What do you want to do better this year? Maybe it’s planning out a social media calendar, creating content, and scheduling out posts…you know, the thing you KNOW is good for you and your business but it’s the thing you ALWAYS put off because of whatever reason/excuse? How are you going to take practical steps daily, weekly, and monthly to make a change and hit that goal? How are you going to avoid entering the chaos cycle on the regular? If things do happen to get chaotic, how are you going to deal with it?
Taking time to intentionally plan and follow through at the start of the year will help you start off on the right foot and when things start to get off track, you’ll have a solid roadmap to hold yourself accountable to.
Take the tools we gave you this month and implement them in January and all year round. We also have a big picture plan download if you are ready to reflect + plan before you hit the ground running. [Enter in your email below to have it sent to your inbox!] 

Your brain and brand will thank you. If you need help mapping this out, schedule time with us, we’d be happy to help you figure it out.
Happy 2018, friends.

Ashlee GrishaberComment