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Learning, Loving + Leaving - A Step Inside This Week

A while back, I introduced a framework that I try to run every week through to help me analyze and learn from. So, what's on my list this week? Read on!

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LEARNING • This week, I'm really diving into how to turn a bit of press (thanks, Anna) and more eyes on what we do into future business + collaborations. As a brand developer, it's so easy for me to see how to leverage this for the brands we manage and brands we follow when big things happen for them, but taking it to heart on your own brand - well that's a bit tricky! 

LOVING • I am still loving offering consultations. Honestly, nothing is more wonderful than sitting down with a hopeful business owner and dreaming big with them. Not only dreaming big but giving a step-by-step plan of action to help make it a real thing. Talking means nothing if you don't outline how to get from point A to point B. 

LEAVING • Yes, I'm leaving the notion that we have to win every bid/proposal we put out there. Sure, it would be great to have the influx of business, but at what cost? Funny story - back in college, my professor was upset that I didn't show up to a job fair in a power suit. Granted, I wasn't planning on attending said job fair and just happened to pass through on my way to class. I was wearing a big jacket & boots. She told me that I would never land a job anywhere because I didn't take it seriously. WTF LADY. I told her, "Well I hope that whoever hires me sees beyond what I wear and sees what true value I have and passion in what I do." I was reminded of that story this week and it still hits home. Pitching for new business in ways that makes me feel sales-y and being pushed to offer things that I'm not behind is not a way I'm down for growing this business. 

Well, there you have it - What I'm Learning, Loving and Leaving this week. What about you? 


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