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Here we are, the second week of December and we are FEELIN' IT.  We've taken inventory of our situations but we’re still in the survival zone. And you know what? That's ok.

Last week, we shared how survival mode in business isn't a way to live, but sometimes it's just what you have to do. While you're doing it though, you have to step away. You have to take a break at the end of the day, write down the best and worst highlights, knowing you'll fix it later. It's cathartic and will help you in the long run. 

Taking inventory at the end of the day is great and allows you to see the full picture after you've done it after a while. You're able to glance at what a week in the crazed life is like and start to see patterns and trends that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle.

Our challenge this week is to review the previous weeks' notes of what went well, what didn't, feelings and motivations for broad trends and start looking for those in your daily grind.

The theme this week is awareness, and we added this little breather right in the middle of survival and action because it's what you need. You need to be aware of what's happening before you can act to change it. Running into something quickly in the hopes of fixing it immediately might work for a bit, but it's no way to do anything of great effect or long-lasting improvement.

I can't tell you how many times responding to an email really quickly has royally screwed me over. Not only do I not have time to formulate my thoughts, I can't come up with a great solve let alone formulate a coherent sentence when in that state of responding quickest. I'm mostly left with the feeling of "I should have said this," "I should have sent that," but mostly it's just "crap."

Recognizing the theme that I respond too quickly and thus making more work for myself and others, I have a hard and fast rule - 20 min to respond. Even if it's a simple email response, nope. Wait 20 minutes. Seems easy, but it started with a problem that I did while in crazed survival mode, but became aware and now fixed it.

We want to challenge you to now be aware of the themes that are stressing you out and look for them daily. Search for them. Find out where they're living and when they come out to annoy the crap out of you. Deal with them in the way you know how and maybe experiment a few new solves to get you through the December crazies.


This week's freebie printable helps you recognize the themes from last week + walks you through a few tips on capturing the patterns you see daily. Writing these patterns down will increase your awareness and will help your brain turn the abstract themes into actionable steps.

Next week we'll get to some REALLY GOOD STUFF on how to take all of this reflection into executable plans of action. We're pulling some tools from our corporate experience and tailoring them to suit the things small business owners need, because - yup, we get it!

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