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The Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

Back when I was planning out the steps to leave my corporate position, I dove into podcasts, books, blogs - basically anything that had an entrepreneur angle to see if they had the answers I was seeking. There came a point where it was information overload and I was left feeling like what they said made sense, but not for me specifically

What I realized is that I'm good at many things while most information I was consuming was for the entrepreneur that had a specific skill set and was able to niche themselves. I wish I had that ONE thing I knew inside and out, but that's just not me. 

Fast forward to now, almost a year later from when I began seriously planning what would be Purveyor House, I can say that it's still confusing for me as I lead where this business goes. I know that having a wide skill set and the ability to problem solve creatively is going to serve what I do well, but it's at times still hard to qualify what I do with Purveyor House without using a bazillion commas. 

I've come across a few people recently who are in this same dilemma, so I know this is a common sentiment. Over coffee, a new acquaintance explained how she was feeling all over the place and able to offer so many things. When I said that she was a "multi-passionate entrepreneur," her face lit up. "That's it!"


So for the record, it's OK to be multi-passionate. It's OK to not have that one thing to offer. It's ok to have a few commas when you explain what you do. 

What's not ok? Letting 'all the things' stop you from sharing what you do. Because I didn't have a clear 'thing,' I found myself stuck in that space, unable to do anything. 

How do you set up a business offering several things? It's not easy, but it's doable. Here are a few tips I've learned along the way...

  1. SET UP AN UMBRELLA PLATFORM - Create a brand (your name or business name) that has enough space to have multiple extensions. By creating something that overarches all that you do, it's easier to digest the whole brand than the sum of its parts. In the future of Purveyor House, I see extensions looking like "Purveyor Design" or "Purveyor Shop." 

  2. CATEGORIZE - Refine the wording of ALL THE THINGS into bitesize pieces so that down the line, you can categorize your website, social or blog posts into their proper homes. One or two words as descriptors work best.

  3. MARKET SIMPLY - When it comes to marketing, put your focus on what you see the highest need being. For Purveyor House, I strategically propped up design as the lead offering as it's easiest to explain, most people understand it, and it offers me an open door to upsell my client for a bigger offering like brand development. Once they realize that you do more than just that one thing, you become indispensable! 

  4. SPRINKLE - Just because you have one thing you lead with doesn't mean that you can't share the other categories you offer. Sprinkle the other services/products you offer in your social media posts 1-2x a week, share blog posts about them, and let your network know that you do one thing but SO MUCH more. 

  5. WAIT - Wait to respond to inquiries. Since you have a lot of things you can do doesn't mean that you have to do all of them. Resist the urge to respond immediately to a request for your services that may not be 100% in-line with what you want to do. If it sparks inspiration, more business opportunities down the road, and they are respecting your pricing structure, DO IT and take notes on what worked and what didn't.

  6. SEE + RESPOND - See what people gravitate towards. What do you get the most positive feedback from? What brings in the most money? Always be looking into your offerings to plan strategically the next step. If one piece of your many things are taking up a lot of time but not translating to sales, it's time to look at it, refine or get rid of it to ease up your focus. 

For some of you, doing one thing and doing it well may be your goal. It can also be the long-term goal for the multi-passionate entrepreneur as well, but getting there can look a bit different. 

Who are the multi-passionates out there? How do you offer your services in a cohesive way? I'd love to hear!

xx, Shannon