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Best Of Creative Bakersfield • About the Nominees

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We asked for answers to two questions - (1) How does being creative in Bakersfield influence your business/service? (2) What’s one project/offering you’re working on that we can share about?

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70 Knots

Honey I Love You Shop

Lately my greatest joy is coming from small partnering projects with other businesses in town. Whether it’s logo design, invites, coffee cups or button pins. Being able to merge community and art is the best!

Katy Girl Designs

By being a creative in Bakersfield, I have had the opportunity to work on some fun projects for various organizations here in town - but mainly, I have really loved volunteering my talents for my church, The Bridge Bible Church. I have mainly used Instagram as a way to build my business from the ground up and I really try to use my platform as a way to share what I’m passionate about the most, which is the Gospel. I get to hand letter often for projects at my church and I love seeing how they use my work and bring it to life.

I am currently working on (& about to release) a HUGE spring line full of brand new greeting cards that are bright and full of sunshine & encouragement. There will be new greeting cards for all the spring holidays - appreciation days, Mother’s day, Father’s day, graduation, and much more. We think they will add a little bit of whimsy & happiness to your day.

We are also about to launch a brand new website, literally within the next 2 weeks!

Oleander + Palm

Our market is not over-saturated with creatives, so there is a lot of space for innovation and really making the rules up as we go. It's exciting to feel like I'm apart of something new and can help shape and mold the community I live in.

I'm excited to be working with Tarina Homes in the very near future. I am furnishing and styling 2 of their model homes. They are allowing me to create 2 modern looks that are a little out of the box.

Rubi Z Photo

Creativity is the fuel to my business.  Since I can remember I've loved to create.  I knew from a very young age that I was not interested in anything that was not going to allow me to create!  I navigated through a lot of creative/artistic elements to find the ONE that would challenge me most creatively and that's photography.  In photography, it is important to stay creative and have a creative edge....not for competition, but to create art that INSPIRES!  To me...it is important to inspire and to move people as they look at my images.  That is the greatest thing creativity can do...MOVE YOU.  If I can stay creative enough to inspire (or move) someone to follow their dreams, to create better art, to FEEL and to LIVE their beautiful lives well...then I've done my job as a local creative.

At the beginning of last year I started a project because I saw the need in this community to really highlight some incredible venues in Bakersfield CA.  I feel like a Bakersfield bride is always trying to find that "new awesome venue" to get married it and sometimes can't envision themselves getting married here.  So I started a projected that I know is going to take me a little while to complete.  That is to collaborate with local venues and wedding vendors to highlight the value in our wedding industry in Bakersfield.  I eventually want to create a full blog featuring and highlighting some amazing venues and amazing vendors.  I'm looking for hidden gems also, hidden venues...I hope to one day offer brides a go to blog that will give them different perspectives on how they can visualize their wedding in these amazing venues in Bakersfield.