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Best Of Creative Bakersfield • About the Nominees

Click through below to read more about the nominees for our Best of Creative Bakersfield Experiment.

We asked for answers to two questions - (1) How does being creative in Bakersfield influence your business/service? (2) What’s one project/offering you’re working on that we can share about?

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Andrae Gonzales

Bakersfield Second Saturday

Being creative in Bakersfield means taking a new perspective on community events, highlighting those that are doing great work + illustrating our vision through a highly curated look + feel. We love our community and want to show it off! Bakersfield's growth is contingent on it's downtown area and while there are many places to visit, most people aren't aware of the offerings, events and special nuances that make Downtown Bakersfield such a great place to spend time. Strategically, we also needed to help bring business downtown, so by focusing on the storefronts we're able to not only share where they're located, but use our platform to keep them top of mind for prospective visitors.

We're excited for 2018 and continuing to share the great things happening each Second Saturday!

Brandwell Workshops

We started Brandwell in Bakersfield because that’s where we all live, work, and play. We are a group of friends that wants to be apart of building and shaping our community and we want to help businesses grow, develop, tell their stories, and look stinkin’ awesome doing it. 

We're excited to continue offering our two-day workshops, meetups and work sessions this year where we help businesses become brands. Our community is growing and we hope to be agents of change and helpers of some brands doing great things here in town.

Cafe Smitten

Makenzie Photography

As a photographer in Bakersfield, I am continually learning to find beauty in all areas of Bakersfield. I believe its my job to really seek out parts of town that I see potential in and show people what is beautiful about it. Creatives see things differently and others don't see it until we show them! I love that Bakersfield has so many different types of people, backgrounds, businesses, and aspiring artists... Bakersfield has a lot to offer and is full of local business owners that see the value in small business. I've learned so much from local business owners and I wouldn't be where I am today without the local encouragers pushing me.

I'm currently planning my first ever one day conference for high school junior and senior girls here in Bakersfield! I have a huge heart for reminding young women that they are more beautiful and powerful than they realize - I first started this mission through photography and it has developed into something even greater than I dreamed - I am so excited to be bringing tons of local women together to pour into high school girls and equip them in their emotional, mental, and spiritual health by hearing from key note speakers, break out speakers, and participating in creative workshops. In addition, I'm even more excited to be introducing them, connecting them, and establishing relationships for them with these women in the community to further their personal growth. I want them to see the possibilities in their lives and also show them how shame doesn't have a hold on their future. The definition of "Adoration" is deep love and respect... my hope for The Adoration Conference is that these girls will walk away from this conference with a deep love and respect for themselves and others and to continue offering this conference annually! :)

Sage Equities

The best community builders are creatives at heart. In the work we do, we are constantly inspired by other creatives in Bakersfield, by the artists in our community doing important work building things - some with a brush, some with a shovel, some a camera, some use a computer and keyboard, some choose a pen. Every day, we find ourselves using creative problem-solving to tackle issues in our community. Creative thinking — dreaming up new and unique ways of doing things — is a huge part of our process. Unconventional thinking can go a long way in just about every aspect of business, but we find it crucial to our success. When we moved to Bakersfield to start our entrepreneurial journey through Sage Equities, we found ourselves exercising these creative problem-solving muscles more than we'd ever done at jobs in the past. And we can't imagine going back!

We are working on developing a new multi-family residential community downtown - location and details to be announced soon!

The Hen's Roost