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Best Of Creative Bakersfield • About the Nominees

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We asked for answers to two questions - (1) How does being creative in Bakersfield influence your business/service? (2) What’s one project/offering you’re working on that we can share about?

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Best At CREATING 2018



BNB Calligraphy

I love the creative community I have been able to meet and be a part of here in Bakersfield. It has really encouraged me to be free, and challenged my work to not conform to the Pinterest-y norms, but how to stand out and live out my creative freedom. I love and appreciate when my clients are open to that.

I am currently designing my new and upcoming workshops on brush lettering while also working to create a lettering kit that includes letter drills, practice word bundles, and all the tools necessary to launch your own lettering journey!

Event Truly Yours

Being creative in Bakersfield gives us such a unique opportunity to work with brides and grooms just as creative and unique as we are. We love to step outside the comfort zone of the normal black and white or one accent color wedding. We love creating statement peaces unique to each couple. We love creating outside the box ideas. Taking creative risks that make a drastic statement to each event. Being creative in Bakersfield inspires us to bring an LA or San Francisco experience local. We strive to never repeat the same ideas and we push our clients to do the same. We are very excited to be collaborating this April with several generous Bakersfield vendors, creating a unique one of a kind wedding at JEH ranch. The wedding is for a couple who lost their home in the Willow fires this past October. Being creatives in Bakersfield is about more than just creating a beautiful wedding, and dreaming with our couples, but about the bond you make during the creative planning and process.

Ghila Dolci Bakery

Honey I Love You Shop

Lately my greatest joy is coming from small partnering projects with other businesses in town. Whether it’s logo design, invites, coffee cups or button pins. Being able to merge community and art is the best!

Nanette Art and Design

Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph

Bakersfield has a lot going on that people don't realize. As a creative, I find myself seeking out ways to get my stories and artwork into the hands of people. One way is through the comic conventions that are hosted here in town. The Bakersfield Comic Con, for instance, has been a huge part in me not just getting my stories and art out there for people, but also a way to get me out there. Since I'm in Bakersfield I'm able to actually use it as a "home base" as I venture out to create in other cities and do conventions elsewhere. Our town is awesome in that the people you meet here are super genuine and once you have someone's support you have it for good.
I wouldn't be able to do what I do, if it weren't for the people who support me. Not only that but, I teach high school art here in Bakersfield. I'm able to see young men and women create art for themselves. It creates a circle of creativity. I gain as much from them as they do from me.

Currently I'm working on the second volume of my graphic novel "The Warren Hope." It's an apocalypse story focused around a young woman named Clara. It's Hell on Earth and the people who are still living are dealing with the struggle of finding supplies and trying to hide from the demons that now walk the surface. I try to deal with a lot of the social and mental drama that would arise from the scenario. The story is written, illustrated, and published by myself. My editor, Alexander Ripepi, makes sure that I'm making sense as I go and helps me out when I need the encouragement to press forward. The first volume of "The Warren Hope" was even the best selling book at our local Barnes & Noble for a week, when I had a signing there on February 10th.