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Best Of Creative Bakersfield • About the Nominees

Click through below to read more about the nominees for our Best of Creative Bakersfield Experiment.

We asked for answers to two questions - (1) How does being creative in Bakersfield influence your business/service? (2) What’s one project/offering you’re working on that we can share about?

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Casey Hardy Photography

At the beginning of 2015 I began to focus my craft solely on equine photography after realizing I didn't have any beautiful photos that captured the essence of my beloved APHA gelding, Troubadour. His personality, his beauty, and our bond was one I will remember, but how I wish I had those images! 

I fell in love with the idea of capturing the individual story found in the bond shared between a girl and her horse, because I know first hand how special it is. Nothing tells a story better than beautifully crafted imagery that holds the essence of the special connection you have with your horse, and nothing pulls on my heartstrings more than being apart of helping you capture those timeless memories.

Jemma Ray Photography

Being creative in Bakersfield is a definite must. The locations are limited to say the least and as a Photographer I want to give clients a one of a kind photo. To do that, I really step into the scene and try to imagine my photo on the wall of a Home. How can I make this family look different that the previous family? I've endlessly studies posing and angles to give variety. The slightest movement and placement of a hand can really make a difference, or even shooting while standing on a ladder can change the whole dynamic of a photo.

We're working on a Dress Exchange. I let clients trade in formal gowns for a solo session. I then turn around and donate the gowns to someone who wouldn't normally be able to afford such an extravagant gown or any gown at all. I have ALOT of Seniors that take part in this. The truth is they will probably never wear that gown again, and a lot of them can't afford to have a solo session with a professional photographer. It really is a win win .

Left Coast by Design Studio

Having grown up outside of Philadelphia, moving to Bakersfield 11 years ago was a change of pace in a lot of ways.  It was a welcome surprise to find comradery among industry vendors within this city.  Everyone knows everyone and it really is an excellent example of community over competition.  Speaking from the perspective of the wedding photographer, there are events where I get excited seeing the list of other vendors I'll be working with that day.  More often than not, I've worked with the names on that list before and we know how to rock it together so that we can provide our shared client with the best possible experience throughout the assignment.We just recently wrapped a huge undertaking showcasing local LGBTQ-friendly wedding resources and we are in the process of getting that information out to the community to assist LGBTQ couples in their wedding planning process.  I had the honor of collaborating with and photographing the combined efforts and final products of !!T W E N T Y!! different wedding vendors that serve the Bakersfield area in a styled double header, two-weddings-in-one-day marathon of creativity.

Our objective was to be a light in the darkness. We had no idea on the kind of support that was about to pour out of this city when we started this conversation back in June 2017.
It started with a text between two vendors, then we asked for the thoughts of a third, then the fourth hopped in, and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of a huge team of creatives with serious talent and the drive to act on an issue. So we did a thing!

After wrapping the project we have been so honored to see our final images published on a variety of platforms including So This is Love, Deco Weddings, LGBTWeddings, Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine, SanDiegoWedding.com, WeddingLovely and shared directly from Two Bright Lights with more on the horizon!

The behind the scenes video can be found on www.leftcoastdesignstudio.com!

Mackenzie Photography

As a photographer in Bakersfield, I am continually learning to find beauty in all areas of Bakersfield. I believe its my job to really seek out parts of town that I see potential in and show people what is beautiful about it. Creatives see things differently and others don't see it until we show them! I love that Bakersfield has so many different types of people, backgrounds, businesses, and aspiring artists... Bakersfield has a lot to offer and is full of local business owners that see the value in small business. I've learned so much from local business owners and I wouldn't be where I am today without the local encouragers pushing me.

I'm currently planning my first ever one day conference for high school junior and senior girls here in Bakersfield! I have a huge heart for reminding young women that they are more beautiful and powerful than they realize - I first started this mission through photography and it has developed into something even greater than I dreamed - I am so excited to be bringing tons of local women together to pour into high school girls and equip them in their emotional, mental, and spiritual health by hearing from key note speakers, break out speakers, and participating in creative workshops. In addition, I'm even more excited to be introducing them, connecting them, and establishing relationships for them with these women in the community to further their personal growth. I want them to see the possibilities in their lives and also show them how shame doesn't have a hold on their future. The definition of "Adoration" is deep love and respect... my hope for The Adoration Conference is that these girls will walk away from this conference with a deep love and respect for themselves and others and to continue offering this conference annually! :)

Rubi Z Photography

Creativity is the fuel to my business.  Since I can remember I've loved to create.  I knew from a very young age that I was not interested in anything that was not going to allow me to create!  I navigated through a lot of creative/artistic elements to find the ONE that would challenge me most creatively and that's photography.  In photography, it is important to stay creative and have a creative edge....not for competition, but to create art that INSPIRES!  To me...it is important to inspire and to move people as they look at my images.  That is the greatest thing creativity can do...MOVE YOU.  If I can stay creative enough to inspire (or move) someone to follow their dreams, to create better art, to FEEL and to LIVE their beautiful lives well...then I've done my job as a local creative.

At the beginning of last year I started a project because I saw the need in this community to really highlight some incredible venues in Bakersfield CA.  I feel like a Bakersfield bride is always trying to find that "new awesome venue" to get married it and sometimes can't envision themselves getting married here.  So I started a projected that I know is going to take me a little while to complete.  That is to collaborate with local venues and wedding vendors to highlight the value in our wedding industry in Bakersfield.  I eventually want to create a full blog featuring and highlighting some amazing venues and amazing vendors.  I'm looking for hidden gems also, hidden venues...I hope to one day offer brides a go to blog that will give them different perspectives on how they can visualize their wedding in these amazing venues in Bakersfield.