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Brand developmentmarketing STRATEGY

Purveyor House offers in-depth strategy development to guide small businesses in defining or redefining their dream clients, business practices and strategic plans. 

We dive deep to capture your brands essence, history and point of view to shape our strategy that in turn guide long term business goals. We also define your brands ideal market and build a platform to serve them through marketing that is true to your brand and free from cheap marketing tricks.  

creative direction

We provide creative direction on set and in-house creative direction for video shoots, photoshoots, and events. We take the time to understand your goals to curate every aspect of the project. 


As a small business, your brand is your identity. Our branding work captures logo design, messaging, and community involvement that is authentic to your brand and long term goals. In junction with our 360 marketing approach and business development work, we put together the best tools to guide and move your business to the next phase.

Our services go beyond just logo design, we provide style guides, templates and suggestions for future brand building.

project management

We help gather key players, organize ideas, set timelines and prepare your team, process and workflows to maximize efficiency and hit deadlines. Using our systems, we set your team up to make your daily grind more efficient + long term projects run smoothly.

creative design

Not only do we help develop a brand's overall marketing strategy, we also help make those ideas come to life using our unique design aesthetic. We insure that a cohesive approach is taken to every piece of collateral so your brand makes sense visually on paper and on screen.

We also provide design services for one-off requests, from posters, social media templates and flyers to website wireframes.

event Design + coordination

Details are everything. We provide event design + coordination for corporate and personal events ranging from fundraisers to mixers to weddings. We stay on par with the latest trends adding in our innovative twists to help your event run smoothly to create an unforgettable and perfectly designed memory for every guest.