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We're in this together.


In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd share a few tidbits I've learned from my toddler that have helped me in my business journey. He's a wise, old soul with a tenacity that doesn't quit

  1. If you hear "no," ask again.
  2. Learning to walk is hard but running comes soon after.
  3. Be picky - your taste is one of a kind.
  4. Ask for help.
  5. Try your best to wake up with a smile on your face.
  6. If you do something awesome, treat yo' self.

Ok, most of those are super tongue in cheek pieces of "advice" - but stay with me here.

  1. If you hear "no," ask again.
    • I've heard this so many times as I've worked through proposals, idea pitches, the like. Keep pitching. This is not groundbreaking advice - we've heard it a million times before, every blogger, entrepreneur, what have you probably has a blog post or podcast on this. But, thinking from a toddler point-of-view can really drive it home - That thing behind the NO is all you can think about and you won't let it go. You can't, it's what drives you. Nothing else matters, so TRY AGAIN.
  2. Learning to walk is hard but running comes soon after.
    • We stumble, we fall. We cry for a while (all day, all night). We sulk. We brush it off. We get back up. We learn that it takes one foot in front of another. Slowly it starts to pay off. Then we can't do anything else but walk, so we walk faster. Then we run. 
  3. Be picky - your taste is one of a kind.
    • Toddlerhood is rough and food decisions are one of our biggest pain points. A picky toddler can turn a great morning into a crazy power play. If I'm trying to not think about this morning's episode and take something from it, it's that being picky is actually a good thing as a business owner. From who you hire, to what type of projects are right for you - being picky propels you forward and keeps you in alignment with your goals. 
  4. Ask for help.
    • Once my son could talk, I wanted him to learn how to ask for help. The whole non-verbal babyness was hard for me, I never knew what he wanted. Once he could at least point or ask for help, it became so much easier. The guessing game was over (well, almost over. try reasoning with a 2-year old that popsicles aren't on the menu for breakfast). My point is that there will always be a time where you can either go it alone and wish you had help OR you could just ask for it from the beginning. The first option leaves you open for resentment and wishes while the other builds community and relationships. Just do it, ask for help. It's not a weakness to ask for help, it's actually the strongest thing you can do.
  5. Try your best to wake up with a smile on your face.
    • Besides the few days when he's woken up with a stuffy face cold, I'm almost always greeted with a "hi mama!" and some resemblance of "good morning!" How wonderful is it to face the day with that type of optimism and happiness? I suppose adulting shapes us into skeptical and cynical folk, but if we could just start the day in a happy, centered way, I'd bet that your day goes so much smoother. When I worked out in the morning on a normal basis [i'm trying to get back, really I am] - those days were filled with energy and clarity. I loved that about working out in the morning. It was hard to get up but by the time work came around, I was ready because I had already smashed the hardest part of the day. 
  6. If you do something awesome, treat yo' self.
    • Self-explanatory. Works for toddlers & works for adults. 


In Uncharted Territory

Over the past year, I have immersed myself into business books, creative entrepreneur podcasts, conferences, webinars, freebies... you get the picture. I've consumed a lot of good content, advice, and tools from the masters. 

No amount of freebies will prepare you for what happens when you're actually IN IT. Sure, you can have some great takeaways and a checklist to not repeat another's fumble, but learning for yourself will ingrain that lesson 100x more. 

One area that I'm continually learning is that it's ok to not have it all together. It's ok to be vulnerable. I started this journey trying to pitch that Purveyor Houses' services are the only thing that people cared about, no story behind any of it. That they couldn't possibly want to know more about me as a person. I couldn't tell anybody that this is a new venture for me. I wanted everyone to think I was a seasoned pro. More than that, that Purveyor House wasn't just ME, it was a TEAM. 

If you take what I just wrote, you'd see that just putting these statements in a more confident light can shift everything.

  • The story is irrelevant > the story IS the story
  • Purveyor House is new > our experience is vast
  • One woman show > lead by one, but we partner with the best

It's all in how you frame your thoughts. Adding in negativity and putting that spin on things won't get you anywhere - it sure hindered me. 

Now that I'm weeding through my own business strategy, one thing remains clear. It's ok to figure it out as you go. It's ok if your message evolves. It's ok to show that you're human. 

This is uncharted territory, but I'm ready to explore and figure it out as I go. I have to.

We're in this together.

So, Purveyor House huh?

For years I've had "Purveyor House" on the back burner. There was a blog once. There was a facebook page. There were a few posts. But mostly, it was another quick idea that was infused with big dreams yet no time to make it happen.

Fast forward to last year - Rivett came to mind and I thought it was IT. It's no secret that I've always wanted to do this thing - the own a business, help other businesses - heck I'm doing it right now. I've always had this need to BRAND it right. Rivett seemed like it was the missing piece and the best way to describe it all. 

The more I shared Rivett, I started to feel weird about it. It was good for a moment but I couldn't help but feel that it just wasn't ME. If I couldn't stand by the name or say it with confidence, then how would anyone get behind it? 

Not to mention, SOMEONE failed to do an extensive market research for the name and its use in other areas. I thought I looked enough, but nope, definitely didn't. 


That was the final straw. Through all of this, Purveyor House came back into play. I did some rebranding with the name for another idea. It was weird to dive back into it after 5 years but something about it was still resonating with me. The new branding brought a new vibe and freshness to it. 

What is PURVEYOR HOUSE? It's me. It's the talent in artists we partner with to make amazing creations and work for our clients. Purveyors of fresh ideas. Purveyors of classic design, innovative techniques. 

When it's right, it's right. Trust your gut, if something feels off, don't ignore it. Dive deeper and explore. To own anything and to get buy-in from potential clients and collaborators YOU have to be 110% behind what you're pitching. Anything less is a disservice to you, your brand and your future. 



4 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Business

As an entrepreneur, ideas are never far from us. This isn't a terrible thing, of course, but staying interested in the already launched or successful opportunities may not seem as "fun" as the one that's just off the horizon. At times, all it takes is some reflection and brainstorming to reignite the passion that brought you to where you are today. This process can not only do that, but also fuel the next big thing! 

Here are 4 ways I've used to help me reflect and breathe new life into my passions. Each of these points can be talked through in much bigger detail (we'll get to that eventually), but I wanted bite size chunks to help you along!


Tell whoever will listen the story of your business journey. Ask them to do only one thing - pay attention to your inflection and what makes you smile the most. Sometimes our stories seem so familiar to us that we gloss over the seemingly mundane, while THAT is what others need to hear and will in turn inspire you to charge after that. Reflect on those points that they called out and see where in your business you can share that story, because that's the one you need to share and it's the one that we all want to hear.


Take a few minutes and jot down a sticking point in your business that needs to be resolved within the next 6 months - the bigger the problem the better. The issue you write down may seem so massive that doing anything for it in one day seems too dramatic. Instead of thinking through all the things that go into solving it, break it down for what you can every week until it's solved.  It's such an easy piece of advice, but phasing out projects into more manageable chunks can make all the difference! Tackling something massive will energize you and inspire since you kicked it's ass! 


Sometimes, the best way to breathe new life into your business is to just take a look around. Oftentimes, switching things up visually can ignite a creative spark in you. So do it - look around - What inspires YOU? What do the things that surround you look like? find a fun way to incorporate these things into your next offering! Pull the colors and infuse them into your collateral. Have a certain style Point of View? Use it! There is inspiration hiding everywhere. 


This may sound harsh, but hear me out. Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do, but often the most rewarding. You can start small (see PHASE IT OUT) or go all in. Either way you go, be sure to take notes on what you're feeling, thinking and learning. These notes can help fuel the next step in business and breath a fresh perspective on whatever you're doing.

CURATE // 2017 Calendars

Is it safe to say that we are ready for 2017? I know I am! With some projects leading into the new year, it's time to get a beautiful + well designed calendar to usher in 2017! Here's a curated list with 6 of my favorites found online. Enjoy! xx

  1. Wall Planner 2017 Calendar Office Organiser Mid Century Modern Retro Pattern [$19.26] 
  2. Everyday Desk Calendar - 2017 FOLK by Rifle Paper Co. [$11.20 sale!]
  3. Paint Chip Wall Calendar by Waste Not Paper [$22.45]
  4. Two Thousand Seventeen Yearly Printable Calendar by SacredandProfane [$10.50!] 
  5. 2017 Stendig Calendar by Massimo Vignelli/MOMA [$48.00]
  6. Paper Source Blotter Calendar 2016-2017 by Paper Source [$29.95]
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TOP 5 // Inspiring Entrepreneural Podcasts

Who doesn't love podcasts? I love nothing more than driving and diving into a great and thoughtful podcast. I have a few buckets of categories that peak my interests that I can't wait to share. To get us started, here are my TOP 5 INSPIRING ENTREPRENEURAL PODCASTS. Any that I'm missing that you love? Please share!

Happy listening xx


THIS IS YOUR LIFE™ - Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt's podcast, This Is Your Life came highly recommended to me by a dear friend. Michael touches bases on most things relative to making this life your best life, whether that's through goal setting, developing business ideas, or living our your faith in the work you do. I've just begun to scratch the surface on his archives, but wow - his advice is solid and inspiring. His thoughts on blogging pushed me in this direction and helped formulate this "top 5" idea! 

BEING BOSS - Emily Thompson + Kathleen Shannon

These are two girls after my own heart - badass creative entrepreneurs who love a good drink and making things look beautiful. Whether they are interviewing a fellow boss or reflecting on their own learnings together, each episode is full of inspiration and challenges. Their tagline says it all - “Being Boss in work and life, is being in it. It’s being who we are, doing the work, breaking some rules, and even though we each have to do it on our own – knowing we’re in it together.” Hell ya. 


Someone described this podcast as TED Talks meet Oprah - yup, nail on the head. From conversations about creativity to the art of storytelling, these episodes are thought provoking, fascinating and deep. Srini's questions dive deep with the interviewers and provide such great insight and fantastic takeaways. 


#GIRLBOSS RADIO - Sophia Amoruso 

#girlboss, aka #girlcrush - Sophia has it going on. From her incredible story of taking an e-bay store to a muiti-million dollar company to the stories she shares on this podcast - I can't help but love this podcast. My favorite feature has to be the amazing women she interviews every week. They range from creatives to CEOs to philanthropists. Each has an amazing story that I can't help but do some research on my own and dive deeper into their stories to inspire my own. 



I stumbled upon this podcast by way of Being Boss - It's a very thorough interview style podcast hosted by Tar Gentile, business strategist. Like Unmistakable Creative, Tara's questions are extremely thoughtful and her interview skills are unmatched. With a very linear approach to her though process, I find following along easy, making the insights resonate quickly.  

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